Peace in the Middle East

A short video about the past, present and future of Israel in it self and among the countries surrounding it.
In the voice over you can hear the past president of Israel - Shimon Peres R.I.P
interviewing in 1994 and discussing about what will be here in the year of 2000.
unfortunately today - in 2023 non of what he wished for happened

All the footages were taken from the news broadcasts between the years 2000 to 2023


The video was shown at the Bazak Reaction exhibition 
that toke place last April (2023) as a platphorm for all kinds of
designers abd artist to react about the conflicted times in
Israel aside the reforme and protests


The project was made as part of ‘Art Deiraction’ course guided by Meirav Shaham. 4th year of studies

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